Body Mousse - Delicious chocolate cookie

Body mousse - cookie, moisturizing


What is this?

A delicate, intensely moisturizing mousse for daily body care with a captivating, sweet aroma of hazelnut cookies ...
Mus Nacomi is a delicate cosmetic based on natural ingredients. The effects of intensive moisturizing effects can be noticed already after the first use, regular use will help to even out the color and firm the skin. The lighter consistency allows easier application. A large amount of vitamin E - called the vitamin of youth, helps to maintain firm, well-moisturized skin. Cocoa extract perfectly evens the skin tone, helps moisturize and properly regenerate the epidermis.



Composition and Properties:

Shea butter (Karite)
The natural formula of butter does not cause irritation, and the effects of its action in contrast to synthetic ingredients are long-lasting and durable. Butter from Burkina Faso is an excellent moisturizing, regenerating and improving skin color. The high content of vitamins - A, E and F - makes Shea butter has an intense anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect, and also enhances the natural processes of skin reconstruction.

Argan oil

Natural argan oil from the ecological parts of Morocco is obtained from the iron argan tree. Essential oil has a beneficial effect on the skin - it soothes irritations, activates regeneration processes of the epidermis, makes them shallow and blends shallow scars and stretch marks. It is widely recognized as a safe agent for allergy sufferers, it alleviates the symptoms of irritation and has a protective effect. One of its strongest properties is intensive firming and anti-cellulite.

Grape seed oil

Natural grape seed oil has a strong antioxidant effect, which allows the skin to maintain its firmness and youthful appearance. It has soothing and strengthening properties of the outer layer of the epidermis, so it is more resistant to external factors.

Bee wax

It is a natural ingredient having a protective effect, gently oiling the skin, prevents excessive water loss. It has a regenerating effect.

Cocoa beans

The natural cocoa beans are rich in valuable moisturizing, toning and nourishing substances. In addition to a positive effect on the psyche, cocoa is successfully used in the production of cosmetics - minerals and micronutrients present in the cocoa extract are involved in the removal of free radicals and gently stimulate microcirculation.



How to use?

The body mousse is intended for daily use on the skin of the whole body. A small amount of the cosmetic should be applied to the dried, clean skin and massaged with spherical movements.


Interesting facts:

Natural beeswax has been used for years as a foundation for cosmetics and antiallergics. Long-term, regular use of cosmetics based on beeswax helps to relieve the symptoms of skin changes with an allergic basis, because it intensively affects the regeneration of damaged tissues, and the skin becomes resistant to allergens.




Ingrediens (INCI):
Butyrospermum Parksi Butter, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Caprylic Capric Triglyceride, Cera Alba, Helianthus Annuus Sunflower Seed Oil, Glycerin,, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Cocoa Bean Extract,, Tocopheryl Acetate, Parfum